Coffee Could Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

Updated: July 2, 2012

Researchers have found the more coffee you drink, the more you may be protecting yourself against skin cancer.

Java junkies everywhere rejoice.

Researchers say your daily cup of joe may be protect against skin cancer.

In a new study published in Cancer Research, could cut a person's chances of developing basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer.

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Made for outdoorsmen, like you and I, that love to deer hunt and drink great coffee!

Posted on July 13, 2012

We recently had the pleasure of trying a new brand of coffee called Ungulatte.  The name come to find out, is a twist on words; UngulatesUngulatte Gourmet Coffee are hoofed animals and Latte is of course a espresso and steamed milk, coffee drink.  Kind of a different name don’t you think?  Why would someone name a coffee Ungulatte?

Well, our new acquaintances’ Nancy and Nelson Spear, down in Midland, Texas came up with the name and here is a little of their story about how Ungulatte Coffee came to be.  It seems that Nancy and her husband Nelson were driving home from New Mexico after visiting relatives on Labor Day in 2008, driving and enjoying their travel mugs of coffee. 

While enjoying their coffee and the scenic southern landscape, they came upon a herd of deer grazing along the side of the road, next to the forest and for what ever reason Nelson asked Nancy “What might a deer order if he went in to the buck coffee shop?”  Nancy had no clue. Nelson replied “An Ungu-latte, get it?” and the idea was born.

Being the entrepreneurs that they are, they realized that no one had roasted and marketed a specialty coffee exclusively for the deer hunting crowd.  They started talking and for the next 4 hours of their trip they brain stormed and began piecing together a business plan to market a new specialty coffee exclusively to the deer hunting population.

When they got home, they got busy with the branding, logos, all the lawyer stuff and the most important part, a good roasting company.  Nelson had the perfect roasting company in mind; he went to Christian Andre of the Bar NND Ranches to develop and roast their exclusive Arabica bean, gourmet coffee.

We received our package of Ungulatte on Friday of this week and saved it to share (I wanted to get our guests’ opinion too) with our new friends and, associate pastor from church, his lovely wife and their two beautiful little children. 

First we had a great dinner of butternut squash, rosemary roasted potatoes, fresh salad out of the garden and grilled chicken thighs (NY style/speedie sauce). After dinner we took a little stroll around the property and down to the barn to let our meal settle, let the kids get to know the horses, play with the chickens and wrestle with the new barn kitten (Sir Charles) for a bit on a beautiful upstate New York evening.

After we came up to the house we settled down to a little chocolate yummy cake with homemade raspberry sauce, to pour over the cake, and a nice fresh brewed mug of Ungulatte coffee.  Wow, it was awesome, there is nothing better then a great dessert with a great mug of delicious coffee to go with it, I was in heaven! 

Ungulatte Specialty Coffee, is a medium-bodied, lean, sturdy, quietly rich cup of coffee that will have you delighting in the first cup and heading back for the second!  Ungulatte can be equally enjoyed black or with "stuff" as my dear wife likes to drink her coffee.  This is not a coffee that you need to disguises the flavor of and is just as good straight up.

We thoroughly enjoyed drinking our Ungulatte and sharing it with our new friends.  We also would like to introduce it to you because we did enjoy it so much.

Yes, I am a deer hunter and a coffee lover and my wife is also.  More importantly we are outdoorsmen and women and we recommend this coffee to all of you who love to ride horses, garden, hike, kayak, fish, hit a golf ball in the pond or anything else that you can do outside to order some of the Nelsons’ new brew Ungulatte!  You will be glad that you did.

After you do please come back and tell us about your experience and what you had for dinner!

Ungulatte® is an exclusive roast of coffee offered only by Bar NND Ranches thru Christian Andre. To get your own Ungulatte® brand coffee, please visit our website at or please call 432-683-8420.

Ungulatte® is an exclusive roast of coffee offered only by Bar NND Ranches which is based in Midland, Texas.