The Ungulatte® Story
By Nancy Spear

And you ask, "Why 'Ungulatte®?'
"Well, let me tell ya!

One early morning while heading back to Midland, Texas from my parents' home in Mayhill, New Mexico, I was enjoying a travel mug of coffee while my husband Nelson drove. As we passed some deer quietly grazing in the forest, Nelson, punster that he is, asked me," What would a deer order if he went in to that other buck coffee shop?" Me, being me, had no clue. Nelson replied, "An Ungu-latte, get it?" I winced accordingly. (Ungulates are hoofed mammals & Latte is a steamed milk and espresso drink). So we started talking...Nelson has to talk to me on road trips. We began talking about the marketing of the different kinds of coffee for the diverse lifestyles of people. Then, the entrepreneurial side of Nelson kicked in. He asked me why there was not at least one coffee brand for those who enjoy being outdoors. Based upon that question, our coffee idea was brewed.

Ungulatte® is an exclusive roast of coffee offered only by Bar NND Ranches which is based in Midland, Texas.